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4th Of July Activities for Kids: 4th of July considered as Independence day for the United States of America since 1776 Americans are celebrating Independence day every year on 4th July. 4th of July referred as Independence day in america, people from the other countries call it as Fourth July or Fourth of July. This day has a great significant in the history of the United States of America. 241 years ago in 1776 on 4th July America became independent with thirteen American colonies and those whole countries are referred as the United States of America.  Every American citizen celebrate their independence proudly and happily on 4th of July every year. Fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions and political speeches are the most commonly seen activities on 4th July. However this day linked to the Nation, people do celebrate in a Patriotic and joyous manner. People do different kinds of activities to express their happiness on fourth of july.

There are a lot of people who really don’t what kind of activities to do on Independence day. I mean it. Few people don’t know what kind of activities does their kids need to do on Independence day. I guess you are one among them 😉 if yes, don’t bother. We are here to help you. Here i will be providing 4th of July Activities for Kids. Here i will be sharing few fun ideas, which i got! I am sure these will definitely impress you. Let me tell them at a glance.

4th of July Activities for Kids

  • Independence day is related to Nation. Country is like a Mother to every human being living in that land. So encourage your kids to do Patriotic Activities, such as writing poems on their nation in their own words. Allowing them to give speeches on their Nation in front of guest, and allow them to participate in School parades on the occasion of Fourth July.
  • Give some fireworks as gifts to your kids. Apparently they are harmful, one must take care of them. In fact, fireworks impresses kids greatly. With fear we can’t let our kids stay away from them. Isn’t it? So i suggest you to present some fireworks to your kids, and be with them when they are firing them.
  • Let your kids read a historical book every year on the day of Independence. When kids do read inspirational, motivational, historical books, they will learn good manners. So that he will come to know the Ethical Values and greatness of his mother land.
4th of July Coloring Pages
4th of July Coloring Pages
  • Encourage them to learn about their national flag. It’s a must have activity for every kid. If your kid doesn’t come to know the value of mother country flag, then he is considered as an idiot in front of all. You don’t like to expose your kid as a idiot right? So encourage him to know about Country Flag. If your kid is aware of his country flag, then you can skip this activity. You can let him read a good book! Like i said above.
  • If possible make your kids some great persons on the day of independence. In most of the cases children pay close attention to great person especially on the days of occasions. If they interact with a senior politician, if they hear something from them, he will get inspired for sure! Isn’t it? So try if you can! This time i am planning to take my kid to meet our former president Barack Obama! Undoubtedly he is one of the greatest presidents of the united states of america.
  • Take your kids to parade grounds. If possible practically teach them how to do parade. So one day they will join the crew to do Parade. It’s a kind of good activity in my opinion.
  • If your kid has enough knowledge to accommodate a party, or can handle a event, then give him a responsibility! Like let him decorate your home for this 4th of July. Give a responsibility! So that he will come to know how to keep house on the day of 4th july
  • If you have good time in your hand, then take your kid to different places. Show him the traditions followed in different cities on the occasion of 4th of July. As we all know, fourth of july celebrations varies from city to city, but the concept of the day is same! So show your kids different kinds of 4th july celebrations.
  • Kids will have some crazy thoughts. They do want to do some crazy activities, they do some have plans to celebrate 4th of July. So encourage their ideas. Its a best activity to win their hearts. If you encourage them, they start loving you. They do respect you in future as well. Keep in mind that Fourth of July not only special for the Nation but also for us. Make sure you utilize every moment of that day.

4th of july is very special and precious for the people of the United States of America. They became independent. They are still independent. They are now big and strong socially, politically, and economically.! Make sure your kid comes to each and everything about past and present situation of the country. So that your kid can change the Future of your Nation. You must admit they do have great role in the development of the nation. If you teach them good deeds about their nation, they will keep loving their nation, and they contribute their best for thier nation.

4th of July Activities for Kids Toddlers
4th of July Activities for Kids Toddlers

What I suggest is, let your kids do whatever they wanted to do on 4th of july. Don’t restrict them. Give them independence. That is the main purpose of this 4th of July Activities for Kids. Indeed pretend them but don’t hurt them!  What do you think of this 4th of July Activities for Kids! If you like my suggestions on 4th of July Activities for Kids, then kindly do share this with your friends and help us in growing. Finally the day is here. I wish each and everyone a Happy Independence day. 4th of July brought smiles on Millions of Americans! Hope this continuous bring smiles on each and every American in upcoming days as well!

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